Generates code documentation using the XDC tool.

The source directory will be recursively scanned for XML source files to process but only those matching the inclusion rules, and not matching the exclusions rules will be passed to the XDC tool. This allows wildcards to be used to choose between package names, reducing verbosity and management costs over time. This task, however, has no notion of "changed" files. This means all packages will be processed each time this task is run. In general, however, this task is used much less frequently.

NOTE: since XDC calls System.exit(), the XDC task cannot be run inside the same VM as Ant without breaking functionality. For this reason, this task always forks the VM. This overhead is not significant since XDC is normally a heavy application and will be called infrequently.

Attribute Description Required
sourcepath Specify where to find source files At least one of the two or nested <sourcepath>
sourcepathref Specify where to find source files by reference to a PATH defined elsewhere
destdir Destination directory for output files No
classpath Specify where to find user class files No
classpathref Specify where to find user class files by reference to a PATH defined elsewhere No
overview Read overview documentation from HTML file No
author Include @author paragraphs No
windowtitle Browser window title for the documentation (text) No
doctitle Include title for the package index(first) page (html-code) No
header Include header text for each page (html-code) No
footer Include footer text for each page (html-code) No
bottom Include bottom text for each page (html-code) No
nohelp Do not generate help link No
nonavbar Do not generate navigation bar No
notimestamp Do not include hidden time stamp No
helpfile Specifies the HTML help file to use No
stylesheetfile Specifies the CSS stylesheet to use No
defaultexcludes Indicates whether default excludes should be used (yes | no); Default is no. No
linksource Generate hyperlinks to source files (yes | no). Default is no. No
subpackages Specify subpackages to recursively load No
extensions A comma-separated list of file extensions to be handled by XDC No
reportmissing Report missing XDC documentation in source files No
dialects Specify dialect registration file No
dialect Specify dialect to apply to all source files No
dialectmapping Specify dialect mapping file to control handling of XML source files No

Parameters specified as nested elements

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